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Four Popular Hobbies For Seniors to Try

Companion Care at Home in Carmel IN
Companion Care at Home in Carmel IN

Staying active and engaged are important for seniors, especially for seniors that are aging in place. Hobbies give seniors the social connections they need and can make exercise a lot more fun. Seniors often have trouble finding friends, but seniors who participate in these popular hobbies will find lots of other seniors who share their interests:


Volunteering is very popular among seniors. It gives them a sense of purpose and accomplishment to share their skills and knowledge with others. And it makes it a lot easier to find friends that they have common interests with. There are hundreds of organizations at both the local level and the national level who depend on volunteers and welcome seniors. If your senior loved one is lonely at home and wants to have something meaningful to do with their time volunteering is a fantastic thing for seniors to do. Your local senior center may have resources to help your senior loved one get started or talk with your senior loved one’s companion care at home provider about what opportunities they know of in the area.

Book Clubs

Book clubs, and movie clubs, are very popular with seniors because they creative and fun and give seniors the chance to get together and talk. Conversation is a wonderful way to make friends and socially engage. And the best part is that seniors can participate in book or movie clubs no matter what their physical condition is. Meetings can even be online if the weather is bad or if illness makes it impossible for a group of seniors to get together. Online book clubs and movie clubs can provide the vital social connections that housebound seniors need.

Walking Or Exercise Clubs

Most seniors know that they need to more active but find exercise boring or difficult. Joining a walking or exercise club for seniors will give seniors the motivation they need to get moving and it will make exercise fun again. A companion care at home provider can help seniors arrange transportation to get to exercise classes like water aerobics or get to a mall or indoor track if the group is meeting to go for a walk.

Video Games

Video games might seem like a younger person’s hobby but there are more than 50 million senior gamers and that number is increasing every year. Seniors love to play video games because the stories keep them engaged and help them keep their cognitive skills sharp. They also get social interaction and can form friendships with people of all ages through the game. MMORPGs, which are real time games in which thousands of players interact in game, are fantastic games for seniors to play. Video games allow seniors who live in rural or underpopulated areas to make friends and get social interaction without having to leave their homes. Seniors may also enjoy playing video games with their companion care at home providers as a way to have fun and stay busy.


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What To Do on a Snowy Day With Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Avon IN
Home Care Assistance in Avon IN

Snow days used to be the best days as a kid. Building a snowman, sledding down a steep hill and making snow cream are all popular winter pastimes for kids of every generation. The beauty of snow can still be enjoyed when kids grow up to be seniors who may not be able to safely go outside. It can be even more difficult to stay busy when you live in a place with harsh winters where it snows for several days in a row. Luckily, there are tons of warm activities that your seniors might love to do indoors on a snow day.

These activities can be fun and engaging for you and your senior, or, your senior and a home care provider. Here are a few great ideas for things your senior can do to keep busy on a snowy day.

Try Cooking Something New

One of the best ways to warm up a house is to start using the oven. Turn it up and start cooking a new meal together. During snow days it is time to read through magazines together and find one that you want to make. This is a perfect way to encourage seniors to eat more and have some sort of an outlet for emotions.

Make Cookie Packages

If a senior has neighbors that they love or a big family, this is a good time to make something for the people that they love. Home care assistance can help a senior bake a lot of cookies and create little packages for these people. This is a cute care package that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Play Board Games Together

One of the main jobs of home care assistance is they help a senior with chores and smaller household duties. However, they are also professional companions that will look out for the senior. This may be a good time to play a board game or try a new game that will keep the seniors entertained for a while.

Video Call a Family Member

Right now is the best time to connect with family members over video calls. On a snowy day when it is too dangerous for a home care provider to drive your senior anywhere to visit, a Zoom call can suffice. This can be a fun way to get the family feel without risking the drive. Have a senior bundle up by the fire and set up the call for the senior.


If you or an aging loved one is considering home care assistance in Avon, IN, please contact the caring staff at Golden Heart Senior Care today. 317-550-1276