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Emergency Supplies Every Senior Should Have In Their Home

Home Care in Noblesville IN
Home Care in Noblesville IN

One of the things that seniors who decide to age in place need to prepare for is emergencies. From storms and power outages to home emergencies like fires or floods there are all kinds of crisis situations that can occur. And when they happen they usually happen fast. Seniors who live alone and have health challenges should be as prepared for possible for emergencies so that they will be able to get through emergencies safely. Every senior’s home should have a disaster kit and emergency supplies. But according to emergency preparedness experts the most important things that seniors should keep in their homes in case of emergencies are:

Batteries And Phone Chargers

If the power goes out it could be out for a long time. Seniors need to be sure that they have plenty of batteries in a variety of sizes to fuel things like hand held lanterns, flashlights, and any medical equipment they need. They should also have battery or solar powered phone chargers to make sure that their cell phones always have power.

Extra Medication

The doctor and the pharmacy will probably not want to give out a lot of extra medication but you should get enough of the daily medications that your senior loved one needs to last for about two weeks. Keep the medication in the emergency kit that you create for your senior loved one so that if there is an emergency the kit will have their medication already in it.

Blankets And Extra Clothing

Seniors tend to get cold very quickly even if the weather is mild. If an emergency happens during cold weather it won’t take long for your senior loved ones to get very cold. Have a senior home care provider help you store warm blankets, extra sweaters, socks, and extra hats and gloves in a spot where your senior loved ones could easily access it during an emergency.
A smart thing to do is to get each of your senior loved ones a camping sleeping bag designed to be used in freezing temperatures. These sleeping bags usually unzip to act like a blanket but they can be rolled up and put in a closet, emergency box, or in the car. The outer shell is waterproof and the inner blanket is light and very warm.

Food And Water

Access to water is something that people forget about during an emergency. But if the water is shut off because there is a problem with the water or because the water treatment plant is contaminated after a storm the water could be off for days. Unless your senior parents have a well for water they will need plenty of fresh water to drink. They will also need shelf stable food. Protein shakes are great to keep for emergency food because they have a lot of essential protein and they are liquids. Bottled water, protein shakes, and shelf stable foods should be kept in an easily accessible area in case of a disaster.

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What To Do on a Snowy Day With Your Senior

Home Care Assistance in Avon IN
Home Care Assistance in Avon IN

Snow days used to be the best days as a kid. Building a snowman, sledding down a steep hill and making snow cream are all popular winter pastimes for kids of every generation. The beauty of snow can still be enjoyed when kids grow up to be seniors who may not be able to safely go outside. It can be even more difficult to stay busy when you live in a place with harsh winters where it snows for several days in a row. Luckily, there are tons of warm activities that your seniors might love to do indoors on a snow day.

These activities can be fun and engaging for you and your senior, or, your senior and a home care provider. Here are a few great ideas for things your senior can do to keep busy on a snowy day.

Try Cooking Something New

One of the best ways to warm up a house is to start using the oven. Turn it up and start cooking a new meal together. During snow days it is time to read through magazines together and find one that you want to make. This is a perfect way to encourage seniors to eat more and have some sort of an outlet for emotions.

Make Cookie Packages

If a senior has neighbors that they love or a big family, this is a good time to make something for the people that they love. Home care assistance can help a senior bake a lot of cookies and create little packages for these people. This is a cute care package that will put a smile on everyone’s face.

Play Board Games Together

One of the main jobs of home care assistance is they help a senior with chores and smaller household duties. However, they are also professional companions that will look out for the senior. This may be a good time to play a board game or try a new game that will keep the seniors entertained for a while.

Video Call a Family Member

Right now is the best time to connect with family members over video calls. On a snowy day when it is too dangerous for a home care provider to drive your senior anywhere to visit, a Zoom call can suffice. This can be a fun way to get the family feel without risking the drive. Have a senior bundle up by the fire and set up the call for the senior.


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