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Four Tips for Helping Your Senior to Adjust to a Non-driving Life

Companion Care at Home in Brownsburg IN
Companion Care at Home in Brownsburg IN

When your senior moves from being a driver to being a passenger only, that’s a big change. Here are some ways you can help.

Find Ways to Help Her to Have All that She Needs

There are lots of ways now for people to have goods and services that they need without having to go anywhere to get them. If your elderly family member is open to using technology, for instance, then using delivery options at local stores is a great way to help her to get the things that she needs from local stores. Even if she’s not comfortable using a computer, you might be able to help her to place orders and ensure that she’s able to have items when she needs them.

Prioritize Helping with Errands and Outings

That said, there’s nothing like being able to choose certain items yourself and that might be extremely important for your senior’s emotional well-being. When you take into account that she has those emotional needs, even though she’s not able to drive for herself, you’re better able to care for her as a whole person. If you’re able to go with her, that’s an additional way to spend time together and that can mean a lot to both of you.

Give Her Options Whenever Possible

It’s always important that your senior has options, and when she’s no longer driving herself, she needs options even more. Having companion care at home, for instance, can make sure that she’s got help with daily tasks. But that also means that she’s got a home care provider there with her who can make sure that she gets to appointments or wherever else she needs or wants to go.

Keep Her Socially Engaged

Beyond helping with tasks, companion care at home offers other benefits, too. Having a friendly face there with your senior can help her to remain socially engaged with other people. That can be incredibly important when she’s not as mobile as she used to be on her own. She may feel more engaged with everyone that she knows and loves, and that can be really important overall.

It can be so very difficult for your senior to give up something that she’s likely done on her own for lots of years now. Remember to be patient with her as she adjusts and patient with the process, too, because there are likely to be bumps along the way.

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