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Getting Help with Caring for Someone Who Has Dementia

Personal Care at Home in Fishers IN
Personal Care at Home in Fishers IN

Are you a family caregiver for someone who has dementia? If so, it is crucial that you have a plan in case you get sick, become disabled, or can’t take care of your elderly loved one for any other reason. Personal care at home can be invaluable to the care of your senior as they progress through the stages of dementia.

Talking to a Lawyer

It would be a good idea if you worked with a lawyer to ensure that you had the following in order:

  • Living trust
  • Durable power of attorney for health care
  • Finances
  • Estate

It would also be a good idea if these things were in order for your elderly loved one, too. Getting this stuff in order now helps to prevent a variety of issues later on, too.

Consulting with Friends and Family

If you are currently caring for your elderly loved one on your own, it is vital that you find other people to help sometimes, too. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up caring for your elderly loved one completely. It just means that you need a break at times, even if you aren’t hurt or sick. Family members, friends, and personal care providers can help with your loved one’s care. If your elderly loved one doesn’t receive personal care at home services, this may be something you want to get set up.

Keeping a Notebook

Another one of the best tips for caring for someone with dementia is to keep a notebook. There are numerous ways that this notebook can come in handy, as long as you are including the proper information in it. Some of the things that should be put into this notebook include:

  • Current behaviors/problems
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • How to calm your elderly loved one
  • What type of assistance they need from grooming to toileting
  • Favorite activities
  • Favorite foods and drinks

While you don’t want the notebook to be overwhelming for whoever is going to look at it, you do want to make sure there is plenty of information in it to inform everyone involved in their care. It would also be a good idea for each person who is caring for your elderly loved one to make a few quick notes every day, during their shift, about any changes or improvements to your elderly loved one’s condition. For example, there may be medications that are helping to stabilize some of your elderly loved one’s symptoms. While these won’t be better forever, even some improvement in the meantime is good.

Personal Care at Home Can Help

Do you care for someone who has dementia? If so, it is vital that you get the help you need from home care assistance as the disease progresses or you become unable to care for their changing needs. Personal care at home is vital to your parent’s safety while aging in place.


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