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What is National Mocktail Week and How Can it Help Your Senior?

What is National Mocktail Week and How Can it Help Your Senior?

Home Care Assistance in Westfield IN
Home Care Assistance in Westfield IN

National Mocktail Week is a holiday that takes place during the second week of January. Mocktails are incredibly helpful for seniors, and might be something that you and your elderly family member want to keep going for longer than just a week every year.

Mocktails are Non-alcoholic Cocktails

The word mocktail refers to a cocktail beverage that doesn’t contain any alcohol. These are more and more popular as various people decide that they want to either reduce or eliminate alcohol from their diet, but they still want to enjoy fun drinks that taste great. There are tons and tons of mocktail recipes available, and your senior may find that her favorite cocktail drink has at least one or two mocktail variations.

Watch the Sugar Content

The big thing to remember when you are planning mocktails with your senior is that it’s easy to go overboard with the sugar. That’s because without alcohol, the base of a great many mocktails can be sugar or even fruit juice. These drinks can be very high in sugar content and that might present different problems for your senior.

Mocktails Are Fun and Hydrating

Probably the best reason to opt for mocktails, besides that they can be very fun, is that they’re hydrating. Plain water is usually boring or unpleasant for many people, so it’s tough to get enough fluids in during the day. By spicing things up a bit by trying out different mocktail recipes, you can help your elderly family member to increase her fluid intake.

Make Mocktails a Year-round Thing

These fun drinks can be a year-round beverage for your senior to enjoy, too. Mocktail time can be any time of day, and with home care assistance offering help with preparing them it becomes easier, too. Elder care providers can help with some of the steps that make mocktails more complicated, as well, like pureeing fruit. That means that your senior has all the assistance she needs to stick with this trend as long as she wants.

Home care assistance can make all sorts of daily situations easier on your elderly family member, too, not just mocktail preparation. Talk with your senior about what is feeling more complicated for her to handle on her own so you can get a better idea where they can step in and offer a hand.


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